R129 seat repair and floor mats


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Feb 13, 2007
R129 SL500 from 96
My driver side seat had a worn bolster which started as a small patch 6/7 years ago and ended up being really ugly. About 2 years ago the seat base started to get a tear or 2. And to top it all the original floor mat has a small hole it in (heel position) so I decided to tackle it

1) on eBay I found a whole back cushion in the USA and that solved the bolster issue
2) I had seat base repaired at local upholstery shop. The replacement leather wasn’t an exact march but close enough
3) and I bought some floor mats online. When they arrived I concluded the shape was fine but the colour and material wasn’t quite the same (and I had to put the stud press in myself. But as it is under my feet it does not bother me much. Also when ordering the floor mats you get a choice of colour for the leather around the edge and clearly picked the wrong colour (in hindsight)

I will keep the original floor mats and see if I can get the whole fixed at some point



It is by no means perfect but will have to do for now as I did not want to spend a bucket load of money on it. (Want to save that bucket load to tackle the suspension refresh)

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