R129 SL with AMG 55 Engine Conversion for Sale

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Nov 8, 2010
CL63, SL5.5
Hi folks, the day has finally come that I must think about selling my Obsidian black AMG na 55 converted R129.

The car was a SL280 my2000, originally purchased by me in November 2013 with 141k mikes so it's been in my ownership for the past 10 years. I am the 6th owner.

The car has now covered 150k miles, so it's only traveled 9k miles in the past 10 years, used mainly for sunny Summer days and kept in the garage over Winter.

The car has a very good specification, being one of the final batch of R129 SLs produced. Specification includes panoramic hardtop, xenon HID headlights with wash/wipe, heated seats, electric folding side mirrors and the latest in safety equipment at the time including ABS, ESP and BAS (brake assist); all equipment that would have been available on a similar E Class W210 of the day.

Standard equipment includes electrically operated multi-way seats, electric reach and up/down steering wheel adjustment, remote central locking with separate boot release, 'blue-grey' Napa leather interior, folding rear seat backs.

The car comes with the Mercedes dealer fitted Becker Mexico Pro Radio/tape player which I have enhanced with front component Focal speakers with additional amplification from an amplifier fitted discretely in the boot.

The car was originally purchased at the Reading Mercedes dealership in 2000. The car comes with full Mercedes dealership service history up to 134,251 miles:
  • 13,130 miles 27-11-01 A-service MB Brentford
  • 28,469 miles 10-03-03 B-service MB Green Oaks Reading
  • 49,058 miles 18-06-04 B-service MB Green Oaks Reading
  • 60,752 miles 20-04-05 A-service MB Green Oaks Reading
  • 73,133 miles 21-06-06 B-service MB Green Oaks Reading
  • 87,866 miles 15-01-08 A-service MB Green Oaks Reading
  • 112,893 miles 30-04-10 B-service MB Ascot
  • 134,251 miles 30-04-12 B-service MB Ascot
  • 141,828 miles 24-05-13 A-service self-serviced
  • 143,206 miles 11-05-14 A-service self serviced + engine conversion
  • 148,394 miles 29-10-17 B-service self serviced
  • 148,991 miles 20-03-20 A-service self-serviced
  • 150,562 miles 19-05-23 oil and brake fluid-service self-serviced
The car has only failed the MOT in one year of my ownership which was due to an exhaust leak at a coupling that skewed CO and Lambda at the exhaust exit.

When I first bought the car I went through everything on the car that needed fixing all part of the servicing at 141,828 miles including the following:
  • new brake discs and pads front and rear.
  • new rear brake pipes and hoses.
  • new shocks and springs.
  • new front wishbones.
  • new steering stabiliser and steering arms.
  • new electric aerial.
  • replacement wind-break screen.
  • new soft top roof.
  • replaced damaged and cracked front bumper with resprayed replacement.
  • Bonnet has been resprayed to remove stone chips .
  • Front windscreen replaced due to crack.
  • rust proofed the entire underneath of the car involving removing all surface rust, treating and respraying the areas and waxoyling under the car.
  • A set of genuine AMG monoblock 18" alloy wheels were also purchased for the car.
The list above is just the items I can think of but I have kept all the receipts for much more.

The engine conversion took place in January 2014 sourcing a 2001 CLK55 AMG 5.4 litre engine and matching automatic transmission. The final drive is 1:2.82 which is what the uber rare SL55 used from '98 to '00 (Yes MB actually produced a naturally aspirated R129 SL55 for 2 years after the SL60 to coincide with the rest of the AMG '55' engined cars of the time).

I started a build thread on the MBClub UK forums back in 2014 which can be found in the below link if you wish to know further details of the conversion process.


Since the car has been converted the engine has performed flawlessly, never had an engine check light nor transmission fault (transmission fluid in the AMG unit was replaced in 2014, 7k miles ago). I have a copy of the Mercedes STAR diagnostic machine so can monitor faults with all the electronic modules. The engine is extremely smooth, near-silent at idle and cruising speeds but gives the full V8 glorious tone after 3500 rpm. Power delivery is extremely linear and ladles of torque when you need it. Recently the car has had matching Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres fitted on all wheels. The electric roof operates faultlessly and the rear plastic screen is clear as the entire soft top roof was replaced in 2014. Brakes are in excellent order and the stopping power is courtesy of the late spec R129 models having factory fitted front S-Class Brembo 4-piston calipers and larger 334mm front discs.

The car does have some cosmetic flaws after 23 years of use; most noticeably is a patch of surface rust on the leading and trailing edge of the passenger front wing wheel arch, this is the usual corrosion area on R129s unfortunately. There is a small spot of aluminum surface corrosion on the panoramic hardtop but nothing that would detract from the overall appearance. Interior-wise, the car is in good shape. The central glovebox lid needs a little coaxing to open these days and there is a tiny tear in the central armrest pad. The leather seats are in good shape with no tears or bold patches. Heated seats work and the full electric adjustment is operational. The soft top operation is faultless and the car includes the wind break which is in excellent condition. The air conditioning does work but is low on gas currently. During the engine conversion I replaced the front condensing radiator as a precaution and re-gassed the system and it worked very well at the time.

Price: £10,500 or nearest offer. - Located just outside of Gloucester.

think mine was 328 when new

Per Wikipedia it was 322 bhp for the M119 (my 1997 UK pricelist actually says 320 bhp), and 302 bhp for the M113 (but more torque IIRC).
Per Wikipedia it was 322 bhp for the M119 (my 1997 UK pricelist actually says 320 bhp), and 302 bhp for the M113 (but more torque IIRC).
i read somewhere that there were a few different power outputs depending on the year , ???????
i read somewhere that there were a few different power outputs depending on the year , ???????

According to Wikipedia the R129 had 3 sub-versions of the M119, so it's possible:

That looks to be a very nice well kept car and at what I consider, a fair price for such a machine. If I didn’t already own a fairly nice 129 I would have been on my way…. good luck with the sale.

and “No”, I can’t have another car either..
mines a 982 :(
but the cat " adjustment" and resonator delete may help ;)

Similar here - 119.982 with no resonator and 200 cell sports cats. Only 57k miles (and always run on V-Power) so should be slightly up on power, not that you'd ever notice a few hp either way on the road.
they sound fantastic though :D

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