R129 SL500 Cam oiler tube ticking solved


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Jun 7, 2007
Brighton & Yangon, Myanmar
1997 SL500
Hi all,

My 1997 SL500 has been ticking for the past few thousand miles, evidence of the plastic Cam Oiler tubes possibly having failed and 'popped' their ends off.

I was experiencing the usual symptoms....ticking engine, oil pressure at 3 bar when under acceleration, but often down to 1 or even 0 when hot and stationary.

I managed to find some used and degreased metal tubes on the 500E forum and for a little over £100, received them in the post from the USA.

A good friend did the work for me, replacing the rubber O rings on the tubes and fitting new gaskets. It turns out that just one tube had popped it's end and now, the car is almost silent without a single tick.

I'm very happy to say the least.

Here's to many tick free miles :thumb:

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