R129 stereo - very strange?

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Jul 8, 2016
Ipswich, Suffolk
2003 R230 SL350 Tellurium silver
The left hand bass door speaker on my car has cut in out ever since I bought the car last July. I took it to a local car audio specialist soon after I bought it and he said it appeared that the voice coil, whatever one of those is, in the speaker was the culprit.

Other things took priority and I didn't get round to attempting to do anything about it until the other day. Having bought a new pair of Audison bass speakers I replaced the left hand one and stationary it seemed fine.

However when I drive the car it slowly dawned on me that the speaker seems to cut out when I turned left and back in again if I turned right? The drivers door speakers work fine with no cutting in or out.

Is this just coincidence, my imagination or could there be a possible reason why this would happen? I'm assuming it will be the first or the second as the middle and tweeters continue to work. :confused:
What Kind of stereo equipment are you running In your SL. As they are very picky and annoying to fix and change.

This does sound strange though that it cuts out turning a specific direction. Have you tried jacking the front of the car up and having the stereo on and turning the steering wheel. Could be a snagged wire.

By the way the voice coil is the copper coil in the speaker that makes moves in order for the cone to produce sound.
It was the standard speakers but it's doing the same with the brand new Audison one that I replaced it with. the head unit is a crappy Halfords own thing which I intend to replace but new front wings are being fitted next week and then the soft top replaced so the budget for sorting the stereo out is slim at the moment.

It may just be coincidence, I'm thinking I may have to suffer it for a while longer and then have a replacement head unit (I want to fit an appropriate Mercedes head unit) fitted and the speaker wires replaced right the way through.
The prime candidate on a door mounted speaker would be where the speaker leads go through the door hinge. Normally with a split frequency speaker setup there is a device called a crossover which splits the signal into different frequency bands to be fed to the different speakers-- thats where I would be looking

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The crossovers are in the actual speaker door unit. Bottom of the housing If I remember correctly. A old capacitor may have failed over the years or the solder has broken leading a temperamental connection.

Might be worth doing a resistance check on both door speakers.
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