R129 windscreen wipers

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May 3, 2005
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The SL got treated to a new screen yesterday after a large stone finished off the original one.

Ever since we bought it the wiping has been quite poor, leaving smeary areas and missing sections as the wiper points to the upper corners of the screen. I'd always put this down to the original screen being in an bad state, fairly scratched and scuffed. However, the new screen is still doing it, even with a brand new Bosch blade.

I'm wondering if the blade isn't flexible enough, and therefore is lifting partially as it sweeps? Any ideas?
If the screen is new and clean then I'd suggest it's time for new wipers. It could be that the wiper arms are just losing their shape or the springs in the arm roots are tired. Would it be worth 2 complete new wiper arms and blades? I don't know what they would cost but it's got to be worth considering.
Matt - there's only 1 wiper on an R129 ;)

Are you sure the blade fitted is the right size? Is it reaching the corners of the screen and not wiping cleanly, or not actually reaching them? If the latter I wonder if there's scope for a problem with the mechanism?

Was it just a blade 'refill' or the whole blade assembly?

Smearing etc. could just be an oily / greasy contaminant on the new screen or blade.

My screen has some light scratching (I assume from previous owners leaving the wipers on auto ... where you seem to get a single sweep next time you start the car, even if the screen is bone dry). But the wiper works well, so it's not a case of "they're all like that".
GTG this Sunday - bit far for you though!
Taking the car to France on Sat for 2 weeks hols otherwise I may have made the journey. I'm thinking of setting up a GTG in Licolnshire with a pub lunch and a run about for those who would like a convoy around some of the prettier parts of the area.
Blade is definitely the right size, covers the screen fully (if it wasn't I probably wouldn't be able to see out of it!). It's a complete blade, I don't believe the refills are worth the small saving.

The rest of the screen clears perfectly, but it's almost as if the blade is lifting slightly on these areas and just smearing the water rather than properly wiping it away.
Could be a weak spring on the arm then, as Matt suggested.
I had a feeling that might be the case, will pop down the dealers at lunch and see the parts & service guys.

At this rate I'll qualify for a trade account!
Have you moved/bent the wiper strip slightly within the carrier? I did this by accident (reemoving leaves from under the blade and it kept missing in a few (irritating) places. I managed to realign teh blade (it was everso stretched slightly) and that worked better. Have to say though i was never completely satisfied so bought a new blade in the end.
It would appear that, although only a couple of months old, the blade had been on there long enough to pick up the imperfections of the old screen. New blade plus a little tweak of the wiper arm at the dealers and all appears well.

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