R170 SLK boot lid replacement.

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Jan 14, 2024
Mercedes 230 SLK Special Edition
Hi to everyone I am new here so be easy on me, lol.

I bought a 2004 SLK 230K Special Edition about 6 months ago. It's a clean example with a couple of minor jobs I have now completed. However a recent trip to supermarket has put me back. On returning to the car I put my shopping in the boot only to have real trouble closing it.

It just bounced, on closer inspection it looks like a 4x4 has reversed into it and has distorted it above the number plate where the trim is. Pretty gutting really. I was able to bend the lower half of the panel so the lock engages and the roof is operating.

Looking at the damage it is going to be far more economical to replace the panel and my paint code is c197 which seems readily available in second hand panels so might be able to avoid painting.

My only concern is how difficult it will be to line up. Is there much adjustment or any tips on how it's done.

Much appreciated in advance for any help or tips you could give me.
If you give us photos of the damage people could give you advice what to do.
Maybe you should go through insurance company and they fix the car?

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