R171 SLK 200 Mouse attack! Wiring diagram for Brake booster plug requested

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by crisc204, May 11, 2017.

  1. crisc204

    crisc204 Active Member

    May 8, 2007
    w208 Coupe,
    We've left the car parked for several months at my uncles warehouse...

    I wish I was joking but a bloody mouse has munched through the wiring to the brake booster's sender right at the multi plug....
    ...And the furry little sod has nicked about 6 inches of loom
    So I've got several bare wires with no colour code...

    It's locked in Park but that's easy to bypass and shows several faults but can be driven
    I've checked the rest of the car and found the Heater duo valve also got munched on but that's easy to work out.

    Its an easy repair but if anyone can post a pin out diagram of the brake booster plugs or email it over I'd be most appreciative.

    Buying a new loom is not necessary and not cost effective

    BTW Mouse/Rat poo on an exhaust manifold is truly terrible..:crazy:
    The mouse has been evicted and the bay thoroughly Jet washed

    I've got diagnostics to check the repair clear faults etc

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