R171 SLK Headlight Bulb Change - PITA!!

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Nov 13, 2008
Nr Ashford, Kent
2008 S204 C220CDI Elegance Estate Auto, 2008 R171 facelift SLK280 Auto.
Had the car almost 4 years, always have dipped headlights on when driving, yesterday NS dip bulb failed. Checked owners manual, lifted bonnet, absolutely no chance to access back of headlight, thought it could be accessed via wheel arch liner, found one link on here but link no longer works so called my local F1 Autocentre - I was already planning to buy new rear tyres from them. He tells me even with the wheel arch liner pulled you still cannot access the back of the headlight, it's drop the front bumper and take the whole headlight unit out so may get him to change both bulbs while he's at it. Annoying as it will cost. On the C220 S204 I can get at the back of the headlights under the bonnet and have changed all bulbs on that - bua also have one failed horn and that looks to be a drop the front bumper job as well! Aaaargh!! On t'other side (MBOA forum) there's a 2019 thread with photos showing you can do the job easily by pulling the wheel arch liner back, so I'm calling F1 again!
Spoke to F1 - same bloke - he said he was speaking from memory, he'd changed so many MB bulbs, he'd do it the easiest way especially if it cna be done easily via the wheel arch liner instead of dropping the bumper, so I've printed off BC's (actually ))SLK's) thread for him!! Wonder what he'll say when he sees BC's comment that "if you take more than 20 mins you're milking the job" and LK's response that changed "milking the job" to "working for a dealer"!!

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