[SOLD] R172/SLC 18" AMG Alloys with Winter Tyres

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Mar 11, 2013
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Full set of genuine AMG 18” staggered alloys, OE on the R172 SLK and the SLC, fitted with winter tyres. They come with the genuine centre caps you see.

Fronts: 8J x 18, ET 43, p/no A1724012 8027X21

Rears: 9J x 18, ET42, p/no A1724012 9027X21

Tyres are all Conti WinterContact MO.

Fronts: 235/40/18 XL 95V M+S, 8 mm tread

Rears: 255/35/18 XL 94V M+S, 4 mm tread

The wheels could do with a refurb, but they’re perfectly usable as is; just bolt on and go. There are no cracks or buckles, or repairs to the tyres.

They came with the SLK, but living Darn Sarf (near Beaconsfield) I've never been stuck for want of winter tyres in over twenty years, and I don't expect to be so now. I can ship them at buyer's cost, but would prefer collection.



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Collected today. They left on a 2011 A/C207 350 AMG (Line) convertible, and fitted no problems; not even new wheel bolts required, and the buyer, who's off home to a snowy Poland for Christmas, was delighted.

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