R172 speaker upgrade

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Apr 12, 2007
SLK55 & E400 Coupe
The simplest way to improve the slightly lacking sound from the standard audio in the SLK is probably to replace the main door speakers.

I have Comand but no HK nor rear speakers so it appears it's the basic 4 speaker set up I presume. Not easy to confirm from a hospital bed, but I have time on my hands .....

They should be 6.5' speakers, so I wondered:

1. Has anyone else upgraded theirs?
2. Which reasonably priced ones are recommended?
3. Did they make a noticeable improvement with the Comand HU (I am not an audiophile, but the current sound is a little flat / thin)
4. What size / depth of speaker can be fitted there without any modifications, so just plug and play?

Many thanks
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Scratch that.

Just spent a few minutes in the car (on the drive) updating my to do list and discovered that unlike the HK system in the E400, when you set the rudimentary Bass and Treble levels whilst testing out the FM, it does not retain them for DAB, nor Bluetooth (probably CD and SD aswell)

No wonder I thought the sound was flat.
It literally was.😣

Bumping the Bass and Treble across all of them makes adequate difference to take it off the upgrade list.

Nav download ready, mats sourced, just a dash cam to fit next.....

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