R230 audio upgrade and steering wheel controls

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    Hi everyone

    I'm scratching my head a bit whilst installing a Pioneer Appradio (so I can use Apple Carplay) in a 2003 SL500.

    The original radio is (I think) an Audio 30. There looks to be D2B fibre optic in there but the radio had two standard ISO connectors so after wiring up the correct 12V unswitched and switched supplies the radio seems to work and sound comes from the speakers. It doesn't look like I have to bypass any amp.

    Q1: The original radio seems to have TWO separate antennas (see pic), one appears to be for FM and t'other for AM. Does anyone have any idea whether these come from a single source via a splitter or why it's like this?

    I have a couple of steering wheel interface kits that came with the radio (an ASWC-1 and a Connects-2 CTSMC004.2). It looks like the third plug into the original radio has brown+red and brown wires as if these might be the CAN bus. The Connects-2 kit seems to be for a different original radio, and the large plugs have the usual power/earth and speaker wires but there are blue and white cables on the smaller plugs. Again I suspect that these might be can bus and wake-up signals.

    Q2: Does anyone recognise the pin-outs on the (supposedly) R230 Connects-2 adapter (see pic)? One of the white wires goes to a phone mute connector and I suspect that of the twisted pair, blue (right) is CAN-L and white next to is is CAN-H. Can anyone confirm this or - if I'm talking rubbish - correct me?

    Any help much appreciated

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