R230 Info displays almost unreadable

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Aug 4, 2012
R230, 2009 SL350 AMG
I've searched and cannot find answers.....

Both of the LCD info displays are really dim, all parts are different intensities though, yes it does change with abmient temperature but still not anywhere near as good as should be. I have read about the LCD panels failing but this seems to be more in the way of missing pixels, all of my display areas are working but just not bright enough to read.
What got me was: I had a TPMS warning come on, this displayed all the info on both LCD panels and was clearly legible, much brighter, this is in RED.
Do the LCD's use back lighting or is it integral to the LCD panel??

Thanks, Phil.....
Have you used the button to turn up the brightness?
Have you used the button to turn up the brightness?
Hi and thanks for the reply, yes, it makes no difference to the LCD part. Like I say, when the display is red for warnings such as TPMS it's proper bright? 🤔.

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