R230 roof stuck / boot issue


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May 17, 2021
2007 SL500 R230
Hi all - so I was out today with my new (to me) R230 SL500 and of course put the roof down... lovely.

But when I got to my destination, it wouldn't go back up! 😬

I had the following symptoms:
  • When I pushed the roof switch, the windows would shift down, but nothing further happened
  • No error messages showed up at all
  • The wind deflector and roll bar also would not move
  • Most weirdly, the boot also would not open properly - the key fob released the latch, but it wouldn't open and it would then soft-close itself, unless I pulled it up manually
It eventually worked after I pulled the boot release from inside the car, then manually opened the boot and shut it firmly. The roof then went up fine and boot behaviour went back to normal.

Anyone experienced this before? Feels like it might be a sensor in the boot latch maybe?

Thanks in advance!

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