R230 SL Roof partially closed - please help

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Aug 28, 2012
Hi, I’m hoping for some help and advice with my 2003 R230 SL350 please. My roof has developed a problem and does not fully close. It is leaking hydraulic fluid from the top of the windscreen, so I’m pretty sure it’s the cylinder there that is leaking. However I can’t can’t the roof to fully close, so can’t open the boot to enable me to use the manual process closing process. Is there a way of manually opening from where it’s currently at? I’ve attached a photo to show where the boot is at in the closing stage, and am at a loss on how to get into the boot now? Many thanks in advance.


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Swich the car off wait around 5 mins and then just lift the boot up in the same way as the roof opens it is heavy but wont have any hydrolic pressure
I assume you’ve tried reversing it open slightly? And then try and close again. Very occasionally mine has stopped there and I just reverse it slightly and it seems to do the job.

Good luck.

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