R230 SL55 Handbrake adjustment?


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Jul 27, 2011
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I have a 2003 R230 SL55 and for some time I get a slight rattle from the rear when going very slowly over light bumps. I have been trying to find what it is for ages and have now found it, but unsure how to fix? It seems to be coming from the handbrake cables that go into the rear hubs (both sides). If I ever so slightly press the handbrake down whilst driving apart from the dashboard screaming at me the noise goes away. I can also replicate the noise by wiggling the cables near to where they go into the hubs.

How do I go about adjusting the cables, its as if they are just a little slack. I'm unfortunately going to the dark side and selling her soon so want to make sure it is 100% before it goes.


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