R230 Tyres and Tramlining

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  1. h1mkk

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    Apr 5, 2008
    Hi, i have an 04 R230 SL65 and appear to have the same issue that many suffer with R230's and that is tramlining...I have standard 19 inch wheels and P Zero's 285/30/zr (98y) rear and 255/35/zr19 (96Y) front...Any ideas on a sensible tyre match to minimise the issue or give me a little more traction? I know its common, the car/tracking has been checked by MB world (Im related to the mechanic so I know he was a thorough as he could be) and when I am on a "flat road" the issue isn't there at all. I have about 5mm tread and as I suspected the tyres can't handle any kind of "keen" acceleration, never mind flooring it, so I guess i need to try some new rubber?.....My previous AMG's (SL60, CLK55/63) all had Conti's....but I have never had this kind of issue before although tire size on the SL60 was the exact same and that was perfect (although wallowed all over the place so that was a different issue!) Any comments welcome...so unless advised otherwise I think its conti's again - Thank you
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    I run Conti SC5's on my R230 and I like the way they perform although they are probably not the quietest tyre available.

    I have not suffered tramlining other than the obvious with wide-ish tyres on tramlined road surfaces.

    I do not have anything like the torque of an SL65 but I would never ''floor it'' from stationary in any event.

    Probably only a marketing matter but AMG have elected to major with Contis.

  3. lxi

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    Nov 11, 2009
    SL63 AMG, prior to that A-M V8 Vantage, SL55, SL500 and many more
    What you describe isn't technically tramlining - that's where the car tends to wander & follow road contours. It's quite well explained here and surprisingly says that the more tread, the worse it can be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GNWdALPyeQ.

    If it's squirreling under hard acceleration then it's indeed probably down to tyres. I've got bridgestone potenzas and it will still step out under hard acceleration (easily controlled) but otherwise it behaves itself. Had the same tyres on the aston which didn't have the grunt of the SL but did have a much better chassis so very chuckable - again no probs. I've had P Zero many times but don't like them for enthusiastic driving

    I think you are correct that the problem is tyres so choose wisely!
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    Michelin Pilot Super Sport.

    Does the 65 come with LSD as standard ? If not it is the best mod I have on the CL. Quaife is the way to go.

    Also as you are a Surrey man it would be great to see the SL65 ( Avery rare beast indeed ) and you of course at the Brooklands GTG this Sunday. Look at the events section.
  5. F1BHP

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    Oct 26, 2014
    I would check the suspention components ( control arms, balljoints ) I have the SL600 and have never experienced this.

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