R231 SL350 Braking Difference


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Nov 24, 2014
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I’ve been looking into the difference in specs between a R231 SL350 braking in terms of AMG Sport package equipped cars and NON AMG Sport equipped cars.

Obviously, I’m aware disks will be different in diameter and also have noticed AMG Sport package cars have drilled rear disks as opposed to non-drilled discs. But, apart from this I can’t quite tell what the difference is.

is anyone able to shed some light on this..? The callipers look identical front and rear on both variation to unless I’m missing something..?

Reason I ask is I noticed when ordering rear discs and pads for my car that the 2 variants have identical spec (diameter, height, thickness) discs, only variation being drilled and non drilled. The pads for the rear were the same on both variations. But I did notice the front pads are different in terms of size and discs are smaller And also the front pads are different in size.

Are the front callipers the same on both variations and all Mercedes do, is simply put a smaller pad and disc in place for non AMG cars..?

All help and will be appreciated..?

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