R350 - foggy windows

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Oct 25, 2007
R350 (W251) & R350 (V251)
Hi, forum!

I've had some problems with the windows that they "fog up" quite easily (at least I think so compared to other cars I've owned and own).

For example, I park the car outside of school/kindergarten, press on the button for rest heat, come back 5 minutes later, car still warm and comfy but back windows foggy and perhaps a bit of fog on the front windows as well as on the windshield.

I had the car serviced recently and they changed all filters. After that I still have fog but I don't know if I have as much as before (difficult to tell without longer history I guess).

Anyhow, car is a 2006 R350, separate climate zone in the back.

Can it be that the wrong product have been used to clean the windows, or is there anything more than the filters who might prohibit the climate system to blow air properly?

Sounds like it could be an issue with damp in the car?
Aha... maybe place a dehumidifier in the boot for a day and let it work? Or do you think I might have a constant problem?
That's worth a try ... depends a bit how long the issue has been going on. Did it get valeted for example (which can make the carpets damp)?
If I use the REST function my windows mist up as well. This is because the a/c is off when the engine ins't running, so the incoming air isn't dehumidified, warm humid air onto cool glass, result misty windows.

The instant the engine is running a/c back on and windows clear

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