R350 swap air for spring?

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Apr 11, 2022
Treochy. Wales
R 350cdi & C 200 sport
New to forum, first post.
Rear air suspension has been unlevel some an air bag blew. Garage only replaced one with what they said was Merc genuine part, however it has sat unevenly by 30mm since. Have replaced the sensors arms and have been told by several that the car 'thinks it's level'.
Noone can identify the issue confidently, several hundred pounds.
Has anyone replaced air for springs or could recommend a suspension specialist in South Wales please?
Thanks V much
They are NEVER the same level side to side. Even from new. Adjustment is possible. Just have to know what to do.
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Thanks for reply. It's been to Mercedes dealer and mercedes specialist, both charged for diagnostic but neither were able to resolve it. Local garage managed to improve the listing a little manually overriding the 'level' but still not there. Any recommendations for who to go to or what to do please? Thank you
Take it to another specialist.

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