RAC garage kit for £30

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Good find OP.

Got to be worth it just for the ease of changing wheels, cleaning etc.
Looks good.

Would like to know why the two alternate products are scooters? Although I do like the Fireman Sam one.
Bought one, I'll test it out when I do an oil change.

Though the jack say's it's 2 tonne max my car weighs about two tonnes would it be dangerous to jack the car?
You're not lifting all the car up, only the front, so no worries. I wouldn't be wandering about underneath it without the stands in place though...
These jack stands are very dangerous. A friend of mine had his accord estate collapse using this. Luckily he went into his garage to fetch tools when it happened. I would recommend the solid frame stands, not the folding type. Even then, you should put the wheel under the car just incase it goes.

Hate to be the party pooper but I don't think that is good value. Most likely they are Chinese made, low end items and I wouldn't want to chance damaging the car or myself by using them.

The adage, you only get what you pay for springs to mind and you only need to compare that lot with a half decent make single item (not pro or trade use) and it would make me wonder. Some things are just not worth it (money or risk).

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