RAC incompetence

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Jun 17, 2002
Just been out to change a flat for my Mum after the RAC man decided he couldn't. Apparently no steel wheel bolts and no jack in the car.
I'm told he jacked the car up and tried to bolt the steel on with the alloy wheels bolts before he noticed they were wrong.

I get there with a full size spare, bolts, jack etc. Take a look in the boot and this is what I see...

My mother has been given full training this evening.

How can someone that fits spare wheels all day every day miss something so easy?!


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Is this a C-Class estate?
Yep, c class estate.
I don't have breakdown cover at the moment and I act as cover for many friends and family! Haha.
They're not known as Rent A Cxxt for nothing...
I got charged a £30 fee to replace a battery even though I have been member for 25+ years and that is a non member charge.

Told to allow 4 weeks for "investigation"

I told them that if hadn't realised the initials stood for Ryanair Automobile Club.

Got £10 compo for the messing about. They asked "are you happy"? I said no. I'm not happy. But I'll take the money, heap of shysters.
I'm with RAC as they are the only company that will send recovery without first sending the numpty in the van. If I can't fix it it a damn certainty they can't and they are willing to accept my word as a mechanic on that. I've used them twice for recovery damaged wheel and no spare just a stupid can of tyre foam and once with alternator failure after trying to get back from the south coast, they were there in 20 minutes both times

I would not let any of the recovery services work on my car I've seen too many brought into our place completely wrong diagnosed or bodged beyond repair great for recovery useless for anything else
My only other experience was 7ish years ago when my fan belt broke on my E320cdi. I had noticed the fanbelt needed replacing during my own inspection a few weeks prior to it snapping. I had the new belt in the boot but hadn't had a chance to replace it.
Despite the belt being in the boot, the RAC guy refused to change it. I begged to use his tools and he then spent the next 30 mins holding an umbrella and torch for me to get my hands dirty late at night. That was when I decided not to renew membership.

If it had been a shorter engine then I could have easily put the belt on without any tools, but the I6 cdi has some tight packaging length wise!
Just been out to change a flat for my Mum after the RAC man decided he couldn't. Apparently no steel wheel bolts and no jack in the car.

Could be he was expecting the jack etc. to be in with the spare ... those side compartments on a C Class estate maybe aren't that obvious if you don't know the model? As an aside, the bolts for ours (S203) are with the spare, although the jack etc. is in the side compartment. Took me 10 mins to figure out how it all went back in after using it though!
No spare, no jack, no tool to even undo the wheel nuts with... just a mini compressor and can of gunge was all I got...

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