RAC OBD2 reader

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Jun 15, 2003
W203 C200 CDI '04Estate
My benevolent employer has given us £50 in vouchers :thumb:

Argos is one of the shops that will redeem them and while browsing I found this.

Has anyone any experience of it? Pointless toy or useful bit of kit?

Car is a W203 C200cdi '04. Mrs. Stratman has an '09 Fiat Panda (brilliant car). Would it be any use on that?
I bought a Memoscan OBD2 reader off eBay (which seems to be similar to the more expensive RAC model at Argos).

I have found it very useful, but you may be best spending the voucher on something else that does cost about £50 in most shops, rather than this reader which is prob available for less off the net, and then buying a reader off eBay at a cheaper price.
I picked up an ODBII usb interface from ebay. It came with 2 CD's full of software and works very well with my laptop and the 3 cars in our household. This RAC reader seems a little expensive to me.
I agree it's a bit expensive. I don't desperately need a code reader, it's just that I have these vouchers and Argos and Halfords are among the few places that redeem them.

Don't tell Mrs Strat that Thorntons also accept them.
Wow! That's what you call a mark-up :eek:

Mrs. Strat will be pleased :D
General rule seems to be all petrols 01 onwards and most diesels 04 onwards.
So will defo work on mrs s car but not 100% on yours.

We have a 2001 w210 and a 2001 c320 and the u581/ same manufacturer as the 480 i have works fine on both.

203 has the obd socket and so does mine but i didnt realise this at first so bought an adaptor cable from e bay for £10 and this worked fine.

The adaptor goes from the obd socket to the 38 pin round job under the bonnet, which i believe the pre facelift 210 only has this under bonnet socket as does the 202.

If you are local you are more than welcome to try my 581 before buying the 480.

I have a Gendan EOBD linked to my laptop that I have used on a number of cars, including the Wife's 51 plate C Coupe.

I would like to use on my 2001 W210 but cannot find the OBD Socket (if there is one?). Should it be on the cover in the drivers footwell, as in the C-Class, or somewhere else?
I had a W210 (diesel) and it didn't have a 16 pin OBD-II socket. There is a 38 pin connector under the bonnet, back left hand side, under the plastic flap to the fuses. It didn't support OBD-II so needed generic iso14230 protocol to get at diagnostic info.
My '97 W140 uses OBD2 with the 38 pin connector :)

You mean "diagnostics socket", this isn't actually an OBD-II connector, the socket is part of the OBD-II standard.
Erm, yeah, I was under the influence that OBD2 was the electronic jiggery, pokery and that some different manufacturers used their own type of connection (BMW 20 pin for example?) but with the 16 pin being standard.

Bloody complicated electronics!
General rule is if its got the 16 pin two row socket the car supports the obd set up.

W210 didnt get the under dash socket until late 2001 which mine was!

Lynall, thanks for the reply.

My 210 is 03/2001 and does not have the OBD socket, although I can see on the footwell cover where the socket would have been mounted.

Confirms my suspicion that MB left it to the very last minute to comply with EU Regs!

I suppose I'll have to try the 38 - 16 pin adapter route.

Anyone any ideas on a source, or perhaps pinouts and connections required.

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