RAC Trackstar and Safe Speed.

Discussion in 'Mercedes News' started by zip, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. zip

    zip New Member

    Feb 2, 2004
    Can fit this in quotes sorry.

    "A new, improved and cheaper satellite system to track stolen cars has been launched by RAC Trackstar.

    Called RAC Trackstar Plus, the set-up costs £351 plus fitting with an annual subscription of £120. That's £150 less for installation and £60 less a year than the previous system.

    The system provides the same protection against theft as before. If the car is moved without the ignition key being used, motion detectors alert a 24-hour control centre.

    The control centre then contacts the owner of the car to ask if they know about its movements, alerting the police if not. The car is tracked and police continually updated until it is located and guarded until the RAC can arrive to return to its rightful owner free of charge.

    An additional £50 subscription fee provides pan-European coverage, while a further £6 adds the new Safe Speed provision, a system which warns drivers of the presence of fixed and variable speed cameras throughout the UK.

    Certain insurers could offer lower premiums for cars fitted with RAC Trackstar Plus, which has been approved by motor insurance repair and research centre Thatcham.

    For more information, visit www.ractrackstar.com or call 0808 100 9991."


    "Safe Speed benefits
    Safety cameras in the UK are increasingly being used across the country’s roads. These are often located at known accident black spots to reduce speed and prevent accidents. This means every time you make a journey, you are likely to pass a safety camera.

    The Safe Speed option has been designed to encourage safer driving and therefore help protect your licence. Whether driving to an unfamiliar destination or making a frequent journey, it’s easy to become preoccupied by other events and to lose concentration momentarily. This could result in you breaking the law and receiving a fixed penalty speeding fine or even worse, having an accident.

    The RAC Trackstar Plus Safe Speed option alerts you when you approach zones monitored by fixed safety cameras, variable safety cameras and multi-camera detectors (also known as Specs). Two levels of audible warning are provided – one as you approach the monitored zone (3 beeps) and a second (5 beeps) immediately before the monitored zone, giving you sufficient time to correct your speed and allow you to concentrate on the road ahead. If you continue to drive above the speed limit through the monitored zone, you will hear continuous beeps until your speed has fallen to below the specified speed limit.

    Safe Speed option is operational every time you make a journey, and the database of safety camera zones within your RAC"

    Sounds good

  2. Kinky

    Kinky Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    Apr 23, 2003

    Interesting post.

    I assume you could also jsut phone them if you were car-jacked, or your keys were nicked?

    Also - do you know if the safe speed [I wonder if Paul will get royalties for that?] system is updatable to include the latest camera positions (like the RA and Origin, etc ...)

  3. OP

    zip New Member

    Feb 2, 2004
    dont know kinky.

    I think the trackstar system in a car may 'speak', or have the ability to speak with trackstar HQ. Just like if someone takes your car without putting a key in the ignition. If thats the case, then i dont see why the RAC cant download the latest gatso locations on a regular basis. Its maybe a bit like road angel but without having to wire into the net.

    just a guess and 0.2


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