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May 30, 2011
c180k coupe
my car came with a 3 month rac warranty when i bought it . part of the warranty is a vehicle check . as the seller didnt have the facilities to do this check i have to take it to a garage authorised by the rac .

i was surprised to find out that their authorised garage is halfords , i was expecting them to send a rac mechanic to do the checks
Not looking good so far , never done one before and havnt even got the proper check sheet
All our works Vauxhall Combo vans are/were taken into Nationwide Auto Centres for their Mot & servicing needs. Last time mine went in I noticed they had been rebranded as Halfords due to a take over or merger.
thanks didn't know that . They are going to follow the procedure from my warranty book as they have no forms for it , they had to go next door to borrow their photocopier . Very professional . Looks like it's similar to their normal safety check
In the time I've used them they've changed the cam belt, alternator, full set of discs & pads plus numerous services all without any issues.

Hopefully their mechanics are better tooled up than the office staff!

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