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May 24, 2014
09 W204 250CDI Sport
Morning all,
I purchased a RaceChip Pro 2 for my '09 W204 250 CDi a few weeks back and so far so good!
Few points to note:
Easy install, UPS delivered, easy to follow instructions, good giggle at some of the literal German to English translation too.
The best point IMO, is the throttle response when in Tiptronic especially in 1st, before, I'd go over a speed bump and then end up 'kangarooing' the car because of the sensitivity of the throttle response. Since the installation of the chip, this has been smoothed out, power is still there when I want it and it's there in lumps, just without the over sensitivity, which makes it a pleasure to drive in Tiptronic.
There's defiantly an increase in power, I need to establish another 0-60 time now I've got the chip (without was 7.4 in Tiptronic previously) to see how much it's done, but there's a noticeable increase when going from stand still/slower speeds (T/C cuts in in 2nd when giving it some)
Up the band, the 4k rpm that flat spot isn't as flat anymore, but it's nothing to rave about, same with the pull from 50mph+ a touch more, but nothing to write home about.
The fuel usage has massively increased when running cold (my commute means engine never gets to optimum temp) but on long distance running, although I've not done the full up before and after yet, I can't say I've noticed anything either way.
Final point to note, since I've installed it, the engine has failed to start on demand twice... It starts when the ignition is turned back to 1 and another attempt is made, no warnings came up on the dash, just didn't want to start...
I've not played with the settings on it yet, but I do intend to give it a go within the week, so I'll update.
So far, for £190, the increased feel in power and the smoothing out of the Tiptronic throttle response, far out weights the apparent downsides.

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