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Dec 19, 2004
Hong Kong
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Hey all,
I wish to purchase a radar detector and I've had 2 choices put forward to me at similar prices and I don't know how to decide...

First of all is the Whistler 1740. It is offered at 75 quid and the price is not negotiable. The other one is Beltronics 936, at 57 quid there is room for further negotiation on the price..

Now, I am aware of the Beltronics RX65 however since I don't need the KU band (I'm situated in HK), I don't really see the need as the RX65 is noticeably more expensive than my other choices.

I would like to know the choices you people would make in this situation. Any reviews on the detectors mentioned are welcome.

Any input is greatly appreciated,

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