Radiator elbow on to RH corner pops off occasionally ?!?

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Dec 11, 2005
Gatwick Airport area.
124 Estate E280 2/1994
After driving merrily along for about 15 miles, the coolant level warning lamp lit.
Pulled into layby, popped the bonnet & saw that black plastic elbow that just push clips onto top of radiator had popped itself off!
This elbow forms part of header feed tank (connected by 4-5 feet 1/2" tube) to radiator top right side corner.

This is 2nd time this has occurred, (once before in August returning from a local shopping trip). Managed to get to a garage 5 miles later without temperature needle moving from normal position of bang on 1/2 way on guage.
Is this a weak point on these radiators & will I cure problem by renewing tubing connector on top, or will I have to replace radiator as well.

With average everyday temperature at '-2' freezing, I dropped in a 1 litre bottle anti-freeze & topped up with a couple more pints of water into header tank only.

Any ideas what maybe causing this to happen please?

BTW drove up n down to Birmingham last week - a 350 miles round trip without any problem.

Header tank level & oil checked regularly, and water level in header tank never needs topping up - usually - over last 6 month's.

Yes, it's a common problem. Usually they just crack and break off. Don't think you can buy just the plastic bit. I think you have to replace the radiator.
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Welcome to the forum.
I've never had this problem at all.
Hi Pinballexpress, as Janner has said this is a common problem but you can buy a new plastic elbow. I got one from the main dealer about 18 months ago, part no. MA000 500 08 94, at a cost of £1.71 + vat.
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just replace the "O" ring, they get tired with age - your local dealer will have them in stock (they probably won't even charge you) and a new one should cure the problem.
What extremely helpfull replies !
I've been looking on the wrong forum, till I found this great one.
Gratefull thanks to all & in particular to STEG for that part number.

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