Rain sensing wippers standard?

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Feb 5, 2005
Hello, are they a standard fir on a 2007 C Class Avantgrde SE 18k auto?

My previous car a 53 classic se, had auot lights and 1 sensor on the screen. The Avantgarde has 2 small sensors to the top middle of screen but I do not know how to work thm or indeed if te car ha the feature.

Thanks:crazy: :crazy:
Not standard but quite usual..

Looks like you have just the light sensor (the two small lenses) For your model yr I would expect the rain sensor to be conbined with the light sensor and that combined sensor would show eight lenses arranged four each side of a central pair of slightly larger lenses.

To check for rain sensing wipers, turn ignition on and the combined control switch (stork left side of steering wheel) to position 1 and spray water on the area of the screen around the sensor lenses. If rain sensing the wipers should spring to life.

NOTE :- The front doors and windows must be closed or the wipers will not operate!
As this is a W203 rain sensing wipers aren't standard. If the sensor has two small windows (round about 12mm dia), then you don't have rain sensors. If you have a cluster of LED type sensors much larger than the two small holes then this is a rain sensor.
Thank you both - makes sense ties in with other posts that I've just been searching here.

Silly me thought they were standar on the Avantgarde as the ones I'd been loaned all had one:( :(


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