Raising airmatic suspension on PHEV

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Nov 6, 2023
W205 C300et (2020)

I own a c300e 2020 model which has the airmatic suspension fitted. There is an option to raise the level of the car by pressing a button. If i try to use this feature while the petrol engine is switched off (when car is in Hybrid mode running on the 13,5kwh EV battery), the car does not rise at all. I do however get a message on the instrument cluster indicating that the car is rising, and the button lights up with a red color, but the level of the suspension does not change. If I fire up the petrol engine and press the button, I can hear the air compressor starts working and the car rises, just as you would expect. Im wondering if anyone else has noticed this? Is this feature limited to work only when the petrol engine is running? It would make sense, as it probably drains quite a bit of battery power. But If so, I would expect that there would be some sort of information on the instrument cluster notifying the driver that the feature is unavailable. Apart from this, i dont have any complaints regarding the suspension. Never had any warning messages, car does not sag when sat still for longer periods, etc. The car has done 35.000km. Very hard to find any information about this, and the cars manual does not mention any limitations regarding this feature. Perhaps there are some other PHEV owners here who can shed some light on this.

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