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Ford rapped over pigeon-bashing ad
Ford has been criticised by bird-lovers for its latest StreetKa ad. This ad shows a pigeon swooping down towards a newly-polished car - before it can leave its mark, the car's bonnet springs up, hits the bird and throws it across the road where it dies. The Royal Pigeon Racing Association has called for the ad to be banned, and complained to the Advertising Standards Authority. The RSPCA has also criticised it, saying the ad is in "bad taste".

Angle Grinder Man to the rescue
A self-styled super-hero is freeing wheel-clamped cars in London. After having his car clamped, the un-named man went to a hire shop, got an angle grinder and sawed the clamp off. He then bought his own angle grinder, and has since been liberating cars in the capital. He even has a caped costume which he wears 'on the job', and sees what he does as being "a public service". However, police have warned that he faces arrest for criminal damage. (ananova.com).

EC to set up hydrogen body
The European Commission has confirmed that it will set up an advisory body to coordinate private and public research and boost the use of hydrogen as a fuel. The panel will include representatives of DaimlerChrysler, Renault and Shell, and other companies have been invited to join. The EU has ring-fenced 300milion euros for the project.

Epic Arctic drive halted
An Argentinian couple who have driven 40,000 miles from Buenos Aires in a 1928 Graham-Paige vintage car have been told that they cannot travel the last 230 miles to the Arctic Ocean. The final stretch of their journey would be across the Prudhoe Bay oil fields, owned by fuel giant BP, which is refusing them access in their vehicle. Instead, they will be driven in a BP bus by a security officer. The couple, who departed their home town in January 2000, gave birth to a son on their epic journey, but the baby is also not allowed to complete the journey, as BP does not allow people under 16 on its oil fields. (ananova.com).

Flute-playing motorist fined
German police who stopped a speeding motorist on the autobahn near Traunstein had a musical surprise: the driver was steering his car with his knees, and playing his flute. The 52-year old man, from Salzburg in Austria, said that he needed to practice so badly that he wanted to make the most of the time he spent on the road. (ananova.com).

With regards the first two snippets:
Remember Koolvin's post on Angle Grinder Man?
Remember Rich's post on pigeons?

Kinky, so do you play your guitar whilst driving then?

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Some more news snippets.

Some items from Oct 03:



Smart rally

Clever tyres

Those tyres look intriguing and expensive.

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