Rare W202 C Class Carat Duchatelet body kit.


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Jul 20, 2004
This genuine & very, very, very rare Carat Duchatelet body kit is from an N reg W202 C Class saloon. I've seen CD kits on 1980's Mercedes - W126's, W201's and even on an R107 - but have never seen one from a car as late as this. I have actually never seen this W202 Carat Duchatelet body kit on a car or even in pictures on the internet before clapping my eyes on this.

Not perfect but the flaws are IMHO minor & could be fixed by a competent body shop. Definitely worth fixing something as rarely seen as this.

£350 cash on collection from near Reading.

The 2 lower mounting brackets (similar to the 2 you can see) are damaged & need replacing / repairing.

Crack in front bumper. What you see is as far as it goes.

Rear bumper.

Side skirts. 1 jacking cover lost, other side is there for a copy to be made.

Boot spoiler.

Boot badge.

Front fog lights. On one of these the bracket on the back is missing & the black plastic on the rear of the same light is damaged.


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