Rattle sound around 1500rpm

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Jun 11, 2017
C200 CDI
Hey guys. Hope your all good. Iv noticed a rattle sound from my C200 CDI 2009 when I step it a bit around 1500 rpm. I thought it was the DPF clogging up so I forced Regened the car but it still occours. The noise just randomly appeared and I'm not sure exactly what it is. Anyone else experience this on their car. Thank for your help
Loose exhaust heat shield? Catalytic converter breaking up?

It could be so many things which doesn't really help you, but that's the way of these things. That it happens when you boot it a bit would lead me towards looking at a heat shield, because the engine will twist on its mounts and move the exhaust a bit.

If possible, get underneath and remove the heat shields then see if it still does it.

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