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Nov 8, 2007
E350 w212 and Ford Ranger
Hi there - my W203 has had for a few weeks (probably a few months now) a very annoying rattle coming from the passenger seat headrest when the seat is unoccupied.

When I am driving I can see (and feel if I touch it) the seat vibrate - the end result is the headrest has quite a violent backward / forward movement, which cannot help the headrest, although not sure if it is directly retalated.

The car has been in to MB Doncaster on numerous occasions, and after the latest attempt to fix failed, that have said that they will arrange the Service Manager to call me tommorow - sounds to me like they are washign their hands of it, as they will not book it in.

They have said that they have adjusted the headrest and tightened everything up, but I'm not sure how you can tighten a headrest up?

While I have remained calm I am getting increasingly peed off with a rattle next to my left ear.

Am I being too sensitive or should I accept a rattle? Secondly does anyone have a copy of the MB diagram relating to the seat - I wuold like to see how they have adjusted the headrest? And thirdly, with the vibration in the seat could all this be related to something else alltogether?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Thanks for that - not my problem though. My seat rattles when unoccupied and does not creak.
but there is a link to the american site which lists a whole number of 'fixes'
Agh, missed that. I think the dealer has already done that one, they have also replaced the headrest as a whole.

Good thread though, with one or two soloutions to other creaks I had not even got excited about!
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Just tried pressing and pulling on the centre console as suggested in post #5. Still no joy :-(
Maybe the seat is possessed..!!!..might need an exorcism..!!:p

Plastics in a merc really dont feel the same as the older models..squeaks,rattles..

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