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Sep 1, 2011
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Mornin' :) ... First post :
I searched site for these problems but couldn't find resolve.
My wifey's w203 coupe had two issues. The first was a constant 'scraping' sound from the rear brakes. The second a distant sounding rattle from the left of the drivers footwell. The rattle would only become more apparent/louder after car had reached a driving temprature of about 80dg.
It would rattle in sync with the engine but would then 'freewheel' while coasting.
The wife took the car to MB who suggested an ATF service at £247inc, with the possibilitie of the torque limiter being shot.
That would still leave me with a brake issue. So after reading through some threads on here I decided on an indie, these guys have to maintain their own reputation etc, so I took the chance. Took problems to indie and within a few minutes eliminated transmission and the torque limiter as the problem relating to the rattling.
He asked to keep the car for an hour so he could investigate further at no cost if he could not find the problem, (I liked the sound of that!).
The problem ? .... The footbrake cable clip underside had broken and the cable was hitting off the propshaft. I cannot understand why the car had to be at about 80deg before we could here it?
To repair this the exhaust had to be removed, total cost £140. That stopped the rattling and also the 'scraping' from the rear wheels. I would never had guessed at what I thought was two seperate issues was really just the one.
I very rarely get to input on a forum because so many of you guys are better informed but from a 'newbie' Merc owner I thought my interpretation might help someone somewhere.


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Jul 12, 2011
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Welcome and thank you for the information!

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