Re-programming ignition key R230 SL

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Oct 15, 2008
wme451 a124 r129 s211 r230
My spare key unlocks and turns over the engine on my 08 SL500, but it doesn’t deactivate the immobiliser, so it fires, farts and falters, basically! The car is currently at the main dealer for an mot (yesterday, passed), and I asked them if they could re-synch it for me.

Apparently, the way to do this is to leave the key in the ignition, and it will eventually go through all the security codes until it matches the correct one. This doesn’t sound right to me, and I’m sure I went through a sequence once of pressing key buttons whilst in position 2 in the ignition with limited but unlasting success. Anyway, they have left the key in the ignition overnight, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath.

In case this is unsuccessful, does anyone have the answer to reprogramming these keys please?

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