Ready made GTG 9 September, Surrey


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Nov 24, 2003
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Rather shamefully could not make the South East Berkshire MB Club GTG last evening.

However by way of atonement and because it requires little thought or effort whatsoever, there is an opportunity for a GTG that has a huge advantage: when you can no longer stand W124 owners gloating that your W211 is bound to collapse into a seething mass of rust and knackered electronics at any moment;) you can go do something else! (Also does not actually matter if people turn up on the day or not: it is happening anyway)

Also a damn good event in own right: the NRA Open day at Bisley. Note that you must Register though. Options include:

*Air Rifle
*Gallery Rifle
*Target Rifle
*Match Rifle at 1000 yards
*Black powder Pistols and Shotguns
*Historical Firearms
*Laser Clays

Also lots of other stuff, Antiques, Country Fair type stalls etc.

This does it says on the tin and enables Joe Public to participate in all forms of shooting activity first hand, supervised on a 1:1 basis. Hugely popular now to the point where pre-registration is required:

Open day - Saturday 9th September 2006

Due to the overwhelming attendance at the last open day, and in order to
allow individuals the maximum amount of shooting on the day, we have
launched a pre ticket sales site via the following link. (Further details,
plus prices, may also be found here);

(Please be aware that you will not be able to attend this event if you have
not pre registered. Places will be strictly limited, so please either log on
or telephone us to register).

I shall be there helping people to shoot on the historic rifles. last time round had everything from young people who wanted to find out if a Lee Enfield, Mosin-Nagant or a KAR98 was as easy to use in real life as it was on Call of Duty to guys who had last held a rifle in WWII or National Service days. Not just a bloke thing either: loads of ladies and most did a damn sight better than some of the males because they listened to what they were told.

Chuck your name in if interested and I shall supply further info nearer the time.



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Aug 10, 2003
Sounds good. I presume you don't bring you own!

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