Rear differential oil change in routine Service A

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Oct 24, 2023
Mercedes GLA

I booked my 2014 GLA 220cdi 4matic into the main dealer for Service A + gearbox service. I also requested, additionally, the rear differential oil change.

Spoke to two different people at the main dealer (Mercedes Chelmsford who are Jardine Motors), both said that the rear differential oil change is a normal part of the service and will always be done at every service A or B.

However, I looked carefully at the work listed as included in each service type, I don't see the rear differential oil change there.

Just wondering is this a new routine item that is not officially listed? ... or perhaps the booking people are misunderstanding and I need to speak to the mechanic?
If I remember correctly, it's part of routine service after you hit 60k mile mark. Only inspection until 5y/60k. But most dealers don't bother doing anything unless you reached the mileage.

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