Rear Disc Removal

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May 18, 2005
Managed to replace front discs & pads this evening but the rears proved a little tricky in the fading light

I believe you have to 'back off' the handbrake to get the rear discs off?

How is this achieved's or diagrams would be nice as is 1st time attempt



When you have the wheel off you put a flat head screwdriver through one of the holes in the hub and spoke round a serrated wheel on the brake adjuster.

The brake adjuster is at approx 45deg above horizontal to the rear on both sides.

Sorry i dont have a pic. If you shine a torch through the wheel bolt holes while gently turning the hub you will see the serrated wheel on the adjuster.

I think the Haynes manual for the 190 and 124 have a good diagram.

Sorry folks

Vehicle is a W163

Is the adjuster at the 12 o clock position and is about 5mm in diameter?

looks almost like a torx head?

Disregard what i said above, didnt realise it was a 163. Their set up is slightly different. Not familiar with it.

Anybody any knowldege of W163 rear disc removal

I know there is a "how to" out there on one of the forums (american i think but probably the same for the ML). - i printed it off for when i did mine and it was an ML but i cant remember the link but there is definatly one out there and i found it by searching all the merc forums i could...

I did come across this, not ML and it may be of help but thought the pics were quite amusing aswell!!

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