Rear end bounce

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Nov 18, 2022
Mercedes e350 v6 diesel 2011
Hi all,

8 weeks ago my car felt abit like it was bouncing and when taking my hand off the steering wheel it was pulling to the left. But felt like it was bouncing slightly when driving rear left more than the right.took it down to my local tyre garage to check my alignment when checking they said that the front left was way out and i needed to get a camber bolt.

But said my rear alignment was bang i asked them to check rear shocks and said they were dry no sign of left there took it to my local mechanic i explained what was happening and straight away he asked if my rear subframe had gone (non the wiser). So put it on the ramp and it was buckled on the one side and the other tapped it with a screwdriver and it went straight through it.

So he explained its all covered under the mercedes warranty as theyve got a 20 year warranty on them.its all been done now thankfully.but ive a bounce still when driving.and it still pulls to the left, so i purchased the camber bolt for the left front wheel and going to have it fitted and all 4 wheels re aligned tomorrow.

Sorry for the long one but my question is of my left front wheel is out would it effect the ride of my car as a whole?

Yes one thing can effect others.

I don't know quite whats involved with the subframe replacement, but surprised it's not aligned at the time. Front is aligned to the back so it needs to be bob on 1st.
Just at the tyre garage now.and the back hadnt been touched which has shocked me really as i thought it being mercedes then it wouldnt of all been set up properly after it had been replaced clearly not.

Its all being sorted now as we speak thankfully
That is a bit carp. They should at least have advised an alignment, even if it's an additional cost.
Exactly shocked myself.its all sorted now and certainly can notice a difference, tech said give it time to settle as its new and should be all good..ive attached a pic of before and after the alignment was done..
Before and after


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