Rear External Black Trim for E320 Cabrio

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Sam Plant

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Apr 23, 2016
Mercedes E320 Cabriolet
I'm after the bit of black trim that runs along the boot, running from one rear light the other between the number plate and the Merc badge. Mine has cracked, as per photos.

Can anyone help?

With thanks.



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Cracked both sides?

I'd imagine it's a dealer part only
I re-activated my EPC as the subscription had just expired. According to that any of the coupe, convertible or saloon with that black trim (not present on facelift saloons from about 93) is the same A124 750 01 93.

It is listed on Inchape at £123.12 new.

I've found one for sale 2nd hand on German Ebay - €95 including shipping to the UK. Frankly I'd buy new at that price.

Apart from Mercman, Three Pointed Parts or Retrodave, look out on Ebay for breaking cars - one here.
Many thanks for this information. I'll the car that's being broken om eBay. If that fails, I'll buy new.

Charles - look forward to seeing you on Saturday.


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