Rear shock bolt loose w639

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Aug 5, 2023
Hi all.
I have a vito w639, recently had both rear coils replaced, just noticed the bolt from the shock is loose, tried tightening but seems to get to a certain point and not tighten fully! Question is, has anyone had this? Is it likely to be the bolt or the captive inside???? Any help appreciated (the mechanic has had my van for longer than I have this year) so would like to sort myself if possible.
If the shock has been vibrating on the bolt the threads may be damaged.

Jacking the rear and with wheel off the shocker bolt can be removed for inspection.

Be sure there isn't free play with whichever final bolt you use
Many thanks for your time, do you think it could be the bush failing from the part of the shock the bolt goes through??? Just read the bush should expand when tightened, but not sure it is. Thanks again
I'm not familiar with that description. But remove the bolt and you should be able to diagnose.

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