Rebuilding front end etc 96 C280

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May 31, 2011
Mercedes C180 W203 Mercedes C280 W 202
I have stripped down, renewed and refurbished my front end steering and suspension incl ball joints and bearings...I am about to start putting it all back together could anyone advise me as to how much grease I should put into the Hubs and end caps...when I stripped everything down it was a little difficult to gauge how much was already in there...I dont want to go wrong either way...too much or too little...I have bought new Shocks...springs and Drag Link Assembly, Brake Backing Plates and all relevant ball I now have some pretty good spares to give Follows..

2 front Monroe Shock Absorbers...done approx 3,000 miles
1 front coil spring.........................done approx 3,000 miles
1 front coil spring ( pitted but still intact and good for Mot)...miles ?
1 drag link assembly (passenger side inner link bent)
2 new track rod end ball joints

regarding the drag link...I dont know if it would be possible to remove the bent link and replace it...I have not tried it...but I do know you can only buy the full set up.

I shall be doing the same to the rear in a few weeks time and will definately have springs and shocks...they have only done 3,000 approx...Im just renewing everything to do with the suspension...same as the front,

these are off a Mercedes C280 W202 1996 Elegance...Location Wigan Lancashire....hope they will be of some use as I hate giving good stuff to the scrapman...and they could save someone a few pounds.....
Pack it with loads of grease. Use the mb stuff as its great quality.
Sorry for the delay in replying Blackc55..Ive been a little unwell...I have done as you advised re the grease and all is well...the front end is now finished..but I did manage to rub through the abs sensor..I hadnt clipped it in properly..however that repacement is in hand...Im pretty chuffed with what Ive the rear end is getting the same treatment in a few weeks time....seeing as no one appears to want/need the parts Ive removed I shall now give them to the scrapman...thank you very much for your help..I appreciate it,

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