Recommendation for a pre-purchase inspection of a post-facelift W220 S55L in Essex?


May 5, 2021
thorpe bay
w220 s430
I've been looking for a good late W220 S500 for a while now.
I currently drive a 1999 W220 S430, with which I have had almost 60,000 miles trouble free miles, but it is crumbling away with rust and not economically recoverable.
I have grown to be very fond of this car and I'll be very sad to see it go.

Quite by chance, locally, I saw a post-facelift S55L for sale and went to see it yesterday.
I had discounted this model previously because of the horror stories with the ABC and I don't really know as much about them.
There are a quite a few niggly things wrong with it such as soft close doors not working and paint blemishes and several others but on the whole I think it is worth getting it inspected.
I live in Southend-On-Sea in Essex. Would anyone be able to recommend pre-purchase inspection services that are reasonably local?

Andrew MacLean

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