recommended allow wheel refurb in manchester

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  1. eyeofthetiger

    eyeofthetiger Member

    May 26, 2011
    2010 c63 amg
    Hi can anyone recommend diamond cut refurb of 19 inch alloys in manchester area and know of costs?

  2. cb1965

    cb1965 Banned

    Mar 1, 2013
    Hi there, the best outfit I have used is The Wheel Specialist who have done 3 sets of wheels for me, but they will try and talk you out of the diamond cut refurb in preference for a powder coated finish as will most other reputable refurbers.

    The reason is simple, diamond cut finishes involve polishing the bare metal and lacquering over it and our climate with its rain and road salt always damages the lacquer and causes pitting and bubbling within 18 -24 months.

    A powder coated silver (or whatever finish you require) will be a heck of a lot more durable.

    Anyway Donna and Andy know their stuff and do a superb job taking care with all satages of the process so give them a call on 0161 231 8337 and pick their brains, if you don't like what they say you can still go elsewhere. They are just off Ashton old Road in Manchester btw.

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