Recommended Independent in South Hampshire.

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Sep 20, 2023
New Forest
CLS Shooting Brake
Along with many others i have some Pot Hole damage to the suspension on my 2017 CLS. It seems the damage includes the WHEEL HUB that is distorted, i was wondering if anyone could recommend a good independent Merc garage that could carry out this work. I did post on Wheels & Suspension with the same problem last year and although i have had the wheel straightened and new discs and pads fitted i am still getting wheel and brake juddering. I would be grateful for any recommendations. We live just outside Lymington in South Hampshire.
PCS in Horndean too far?

If so, there is MBS in Woolston, and some MB specialists west of you (Ringwood /Poole way)

Someone else will know them.

General suspension work (non air for example) shouldn't be beyond a good all round garage though, if that's all it is
In no particular order, although PCS would be my choice.

PCS Horndean

MBS Southampton

Star Tech Poole

Project AMG Ringwood
PCS are excellent but, personally, I’d go straight up the M3 to Micheldever Tyre at Micheldever station for anything to do with wheels and alignment.

They’re so good I drive 124 miles (round trip) out of London to use them.
Thanks Guys, I will have a quick look at the various web sites of the companies suggested and try to get things fixed. i really miss the smoothness my CLS used to have.
CLStrick - What did you opt to do & are you happy with the result?

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