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    I have visited Terry at Wayne Gates Servicing a number of times now following a recommendation on here over a year ago.

    It's about time I write a review. (It's a bit long, but do read on!)

    Quite frankly. 10/10! :thumb:

    I have always been really happy with the service and level of professionalism shown by Terry. Very polite and knowledgeable - The standard of work is great and any problems are always fixed.

    My car has been in for a general service related work in the past (including springs, glow plug(s), engine mounts etc.)

    I'd also had my faulty front parking sensors identified and replaced (it was a bumper off job as AMG Sport bumper)

    All done quickly, thoroughly and to great standards as always.

    Fast forward to a month ago...

    My recent fault triggered the MIL and a loss of power / kick down

    I called up Terry and was given a weekend slot at short notice :thumb:, the car was scanned and a DPF fault found, at this point many would have simply said new DPF needed etc. £800+)

    On a slightly related note, I had an MOT the week before and I didn't get an emissions test printout, instead the MOT garage provided me with a letter stating the car had a DPF fitted and as a result was too clean to provide a reading. :doh::rolleyes:

    Terry checked the load states of the DPF (100%) - I was getting ready to think about a having DPF delete / replacement DPF but we decided to try some other options - and I was happy to give it a shot.

    Terry forced a re-gen and I had taken the car for some long runs with some Premium Diesel and Forte DPF cleaner.

    After a run, the car went back in a week later and the load state had dropped to 50% the carbon build up on the inside of the exhaust tips had cleared and looked much cleaner. The MIL had reappeared however.

    Another bottle in. Another forced re-gen. Car driven HARD.

    I had the oil changed, had the fault reset. Checked the load state. 1%

    The live-data readings from the DPF sensor had shown a large fluctuation in values and STAR also reported it as plausibility previously. Although the fault had cleared and not returned I decided I would prefer to replace the sensor as a precaution.

    All work done for a very reasonable price and the car has been perfect since. I've now done well over 750 miles without a smidge of a problem.

    So thank you Terry. :thumb:

    You saved me a fortune. :bannana:

    The other point to raise here is many would have seen the fault, and had simply replaced the DPF at large cost to myself. I was happy to take the car on re-gen runs and try the cleaners.

    Terry explained the fault, allowed me to see the live-data and try out re-gen attempts, checked the car on STAR a number of times. :rock:
    Some garages won't even let you watch.:dk:

    I'm in London, Terry is in London - and in easy reach of the M25 and well priced.

    Cheers again Terry. I would not hesitate to use Terry and would certainly recommend him to all.
    The negative - Terry is a Tottenham Fan :fail
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