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Jul 18, 2011
Wembley, London
Hi Guys,

Not TOO sure if this is the best place to post, however i've had quite a few members over the past 6 months asking about jobs @ EuroCarParts

With 15 new branches opened last year, and another 20 this year, We are always on the look out for talented individuals to join our winning team.

To start to recruitment Drive this month, we are holding 2 open days

January 12th - Oldbury, Birmingham
January 17th - Edinburgh, Scotland

What We're Looking for.....
A knowledge of car parts & an interest is a must
Hard worker & thrives in a busy environment
All levels of staff, Drivers, Warehouse Staff, Sales Staff, Operations Managers & Branch Managers
Individuals who want to be rewarded for their hard work, with the chance to develop their skills and their careers

If you want to see what we're about, meet existing members of staff both new and experienced & see what positions suit you, they will be open from 12pm - 8pm

Simply click the link, and send your details to the recruitment team, who will look forward to meeting you on the day

Euro Car Parts
This is a great post, opportunities are hard to come by these days and getting a heads up like this with a growing company must be welcome to many.
Doesn't effect me but I'm sure will be of interest to some great candidates on this excellent forum, many thanks.
Agreed! Great opportunity, thanks for posting!
Out of interest , can you say where the 20 new branches are due to be opened ?

This is of interest both from a customer's point of view and also for prospective employees .
Out of interest , can you say where the 20 new branches are due to be opened ?

This is of interest both from a customer's point of view and also for prospective employees .

Hi Derek,

I'm sure you understand, that we cannot give the locations too far in advance, for several reason, one being it'll give our competitors a heads up in that area, and secondly things change here so quickly and although we might have secured a site in January we might change our mind and open it 6 months later (or vice versa)

I created a post late December on all the forums (except MB Club as didn't know how it would be received) with the official opening dates in January for the new branches, and hopefully, if you find it useful i'll do the same thing at the end of Jan - To plan for Februarys branches.

Thanks Patrick , that is useful , and I fully understand that you don't want to reveal too much .

However , your Edinburgh recruitment day suggests to me some expansion North of the border - naturally , these will be the ones of interest to me :)

If I were to hazard any guesses , just on a geographical/demographic basis , since you already have Edinburgh/Glasgow covered : I'd be wondering , in no particular order , about Aberdeen , Dundee/Perth , Inverness , Falkirk/Stirling .

Of course , I realise you couldn't possibly comment !
I suppose , this forum is a good place to ask - where in the country is the highest concentration of M-B owners with no easy access to a local branch ?

If members on this and other forums were to vote for where they would like new branches opened , it might help to gauge demand .......
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