Refurbishement Key Fob/Key SL280 R129

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Dec 13, 2015
Esher, Surrey
Mercedes SL 280 R129
Hi all, I sent my spare key for refurbishment, it was loose and not usable so needed sorting. Have been meaning to do it for some time as may be selling the car 2022 and felt it was a good box to tick. Sent it to these people Key Fob Repairs and Replacement Car Keys – Nationwide service for all your key fob needs who seemed OK, their system is to send recorded delivery and then they return the same way following payment, was an easy option to take. Total cost £136.00. I spoke to them prior to returning, the guy (who seemed to waffle a lot) said, it was all done but I would need to re programme it, details would be in the hand book for the car, it is actually in a supplementary hand book but none the less is in there. Pretty straight forward, point at receiver on door or boot, press twice then turn ignition to position 2. Have done this so many times have lost count, it does not work. The key does work manually. However, when the button is pressed to release the key blade, it sticks so have to pull out manually (a minor thing) but feel for this money should have been better so am been a bit picky. It also now has a sticker across the edge were the casing marries up saying 'void if removed' have asked about this also in my email to them.

I have emailed them but so far no response. I wondered if anyone else would feel a bit let down by this or if anyone else had any dealings with this company. I am sure they will respond (I hope) but feel they will waffle me. I know the casings are quite cheap aka under £10.00, and wish now I had tried to sort myself (had so much on was been a bit lazy). I just feel it is a lot of money overall. Yes, I feel a bit of a wally, do I have any way of arguing the cost involved? If it worked then I would have swallowed it, as had to get the key back so was a bit stuck.

What is the exact build date of your car? Seems to be different from 12/1994 onwards. Do you have the IR receiver at the rear view mirror or at the door/trunk?
As far as I can ascertain build date was approx Feb 1994. It was registered in UK 22 04 1994. Not sure how to tel if I have an IR receiver on mirror, I did point fob at the mirror after reading some other information but no joy. The boot does have a receiver, same as the doors, once again no joy.
I feel your pain. There are loads of mobile companies around that come to your house and programme the key. I used one and got two brand new keys for £400.

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