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Steven Beswick

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Oct 7, 2017
St helens
Hi guys after some advice dad has not long bought a Mercedes ml270 cdi and have picked a few problem one is the esp/ bas keeps coming on and sometimes driving along it sound like it's locked in gear or driveshaft locks up but also got a road noise like a land rover any clues where to start main one is locking up when driving
Hi, you do not say what year your ML270 is.
If its an early one before 2002, could well be brake light switch at fault, the ESP/BAS light has many reasons for error, what mileage is the vehicle at ?, could be related to a worn out ABS motor, damaged wiring near the motor. It could also be the SAS (steering angle sensor), there is a reset procedure for the SAS, turn steering lock to lock slowly three times, then drive away. Is the tracking ok ?, is steering wheel off center whilst driving straight ahead.
It could well be in "limp home mode" not locked up.
Is the low range light flashing? Is it possible that has been activated?
Hi, I've just had the same ESP/BAS light coming and going until it stayed on permanently. Cause of this was a worn track rod end which screwed the tracking out a bit and wore the inside edge of the offside tyre out. This in turn affected the ESP/BAS for some reason. Two new track rods and a set up on a 4 wheel tracking computer and now it's as good as it ever was. Incidentally, this may be the cause of your tyre noise.
Sappers, did you have the fault codes read before you changed the track rod ends?

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