Registration Plate Holder

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Jan 17, 2023
United Kingdom
Mercedes Benz cla 180
Hi All.

Apologies if this is posted in the wrong sub-forum, I’m new here!

I am the proud owner of a Mercedes Benz CLA 180

I have bought a new registration plate, and unfortunately have damaged my holder when trying to replace. I know that it is a Wurth holder - but the ones I’m looking at online are straight as opposed to curved. Could anyone point me in the right direction to where I can replace my front registration plate holder? Posted a photo below (which also shows how I’ve damaged it where it’s hanging off)

Thanks a lot for the help in advance!

They all come straight and you bend them if you wish. To minimise the risk of damaging the new holders, heat them up on a hit radiator for a few hours so they’re thoroughly warm all over, and then apply further localised heat using hair drier of similar around the mid point.

Use a book to lift one end and put a pile of books (or something else heavy on the “other” side of the mid point to force it to bend in the centre. Leave the weights in place until completely cool. When you remove the weight it should be permanently bent.
As the gentleman above states, a bit of heat is good for shaping them.

Incidentally, I put THESE HOLDERS on my car as I like the minimalistic effect. They're also a lot easier to mould to your car. :)
Only problem with these holders is there's no theft prevention, too easy to steal
Meant to add I use security screws, less bulky to have just the numberplate than also having a holder

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